Corrosion Research Laboratory (CorRLab)


The primary goal of the CorRLab at Clemson University is to develop new and innovative technologies to mitigate damage due to corrosion, specifically in infrastructure facilities.  Our laboratory provides a unique multidisciplinary research environment to address the synergy between corrosion, materials and structural damage.  We are also working on the development and industrialization of various damage detection techniques including: different corrosion measurement methods and crack detection systems in cementitious materials.  Information obtained from different projects in our laboratory is used to model the behavior of structures subjected to aggressive environments.  CorRLab trains students on the undergraduate, masters, PhD, and post-doctoral levels and collaborates with researchers from different institutes to extend their research.  The mission of the CorRLab is to explore potential solutions to build more durable and, ultimately, more sustainable future infrastructure.

Corrosion is here to stay. The goal for the corrosion science and engineering community

must be to slow the corrosion rate sufficiently enough that the part or structure

remains serviceable for its specified service life.


C. M. Hansson, "Theoretical Concepts of Corrosion of Steel in Concrete Structures" in "Corrosion of Steel in Concrete Structures", ed. A. Poursaee, Elsevier 2016

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